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Wayne was born the son of a sharecropper father and a Neurosurgeon mother. Wayne always wanted to be a sharecropping neurosurgeon, but these were lofty goals for someone from Kalamazoo, Michigan (yes, it IS a city). At 18, Wayne left Kalamazoo for the bright lights of Chicago - for a date with destiny! God, that's CORNY!! I'll replace it with something else later.

Wayne likes: Monster trucks, monkeys, Star Trek, Love Line (y'know, Dr. Drew and Adam), shaving his body hair


Ken's was born 27 years in Jamaica, Illinois where he was raised as a child to take over the family's Proctology practice. He practiced this art on the vast amounts of sheep that were in the surrounding neighborhood...and he was quite proficient at it. At the same time, his drummin prowess was dramatically improving.

So, in 1989 he decided to leave the silos and sheep of Illinois and moved to Chicago where he meets Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame, who in turn introduces him to Wayne...and the rest is recording history.

Ken likes: Women, drums, Denny's (or any diner), Indy and Stock Car Racing (this boy has more useless racing information stored in his head. He can name every Indy winner since the 1600's, and there weren't even Indy races then!!).

His other passion is the basket ball team The Chicago Bulls.

He plays that bass, senor. Prior to Tony joining Static's ranks as bassist, he was a world reknown shepard. He was magnetic! The sheep would just, well, "flock" to him (pun intended

He raised, other than sheep, Llamas, Guanacos, and goldfish.

You could tell he was good at it. I mean, look at his face. Does he look like a guy that would let an animal go away unsatisfied. I DON'T THINK SO!

Oh, yeah...he also was in a band called DOMINION (dum-onion) which was extremely popular in the bowels of the L.A. death metal scene, as well as with the Ford Agency models!

Tony likes: Klingons around Uranus, beer, nachos, more beer, women, still more beer. Tony is also the Playstation master. Although he prefers games with blood, gore, death, destruction, women and more blood - he can kick your ass in just about any game.


He plays guitar and Fingers the keys.

Koichi came to America in search of truth, justice, and the American way. Unfortunately, he met Wayne and Ken way to early in his venture and they ruined it for him. Off the record, Koichi told said he can't take it anymore and truly wants to quit, but Ken owes him $5.00 and is staying with the band on principle until he pays him back. "Yeah, I could be famous and rich", spouts Koichi, "and I know that I will never see my five bucks till then anyway, so I might as well roll with it for now!"

Koichi, known for being the quintessential ladies man, has a refreshing perspective when it comes to women: "I know I'm beautiful, but I want to be loved for who I am - NOT my body!"

Koichi likes: he's an enigma! On road trips we have to check his pulse to make sure he's still alive!.