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ok we are gonna try to do a little contest. but it isn't gonna be a huge great prize like free tics for life but we will supply what we've got

this mouths contest is to give what you want the new album to be called. as most of you no the new album is called "wisconsen death trip" and that is cool,very cool. but just for fun and for a prize think for a minute. and a cool name should just pop in your head. this months prize will be a rare static-x bootleg. so think of a name and you could win. sorry only one will win this month. pleas only give one album name. contest ends march 20th. soadsmack@hotmail.come-mail me your idea

only one will win. winner must first send bled for days $3.50 for shipping + video tape. or $3.50 for shipping and another $ 3.00 for video.