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the ONLY offical fanclub for static-x
street wise
Unofficial Static-X Site
Corrosive - The Static-x Tab Page
loka's site

my other webpage, based on system of a down and godsmack. yea!

OTHER BANDS (abc order)
band - bolt upright
genre - rapcore / funkcore
desc. - no cds by them yet, but there will be soon. they combine the likes of run dmc, red hot chili peppers, incubus, and 311 into their music.

band - coal chamber
genre - metal
desc. - an old band that i'm getting sick of because i've been listening to the cd for almost 2 years. heavy metal sound with deep bass lines, overall talented band.

band - face down
genre - heavy metal
desc. - these guys are from germany. however they don't actually sing german (good), they just pound you with crushing guitars. very heavy.

band - godsmack
genre - hard rock
desc. - not the heaviest band i listen to, but definitely one of the best. also some of the nicest guys you will meet in a band.

band - hatebreed
genre - hardcore
desc. - the heaviest hardcore band i've ever heard. almost metal! by the way, that site isn't official but it's the best one i've seen.

band - (hed) pe
genre - rap / punk
desc. - holy shit, these guys are unique. they're the first band i've ever heard to combine guitars and turntables.

band - incubus
genre - metal / techno
desc. - another very unique band. behind the guitar are fast, almost techno like beats making for an experience anyone can get into.

band - juice
genre - trancecore / metal
desc. - not quite a new style of music. almost sound like korn...they don't have a cd out, but 2 demos. however i think only 1 is now available.

band - kilgore
genre - hard rock
desc. - almost metal, but not quite. not a very different band, but they sound really good.

band - machine head
genre - heavy metal
desc. - one of the heaviest metal bands around. however, it seems like they lose a member after every cd release. they still kick ass though.

band - meshuggah
genre - heavy metal
desc. - a very, very talented metal band. you should hear how fast they play but still stay together. it's awesome.

band - psycore
genre - metal
desc. - a very unique metal band. everything about them is original, everything sounds different.

band - 7th rail crew
genre - rapcore
desc. - hopefully these guys get signed and go nationwide, cus you can't afford to miss them. just fucking incredible!

band - snapcase
genre - hardcore
desc. - hardcore at it's finest. these guys have been around forever, so you know they're gonna put on a good show.

band - snot
genre - punk
desc. - great, very fun to listen to band. sadly, i don't think these guys will be making anymore least not for awhile. go to the site for info.

band - soulfly
genre - metal
desc. - heard sepultura? well, you'll like these guys, they sound just like them. overall everything comes together greatly to form one of the best new bands of 1998.

band - spineshank
genre - metal
desc. - sound just like deftones. so if you like them, you will like the other. site is currently down though.

band - static-x
genre - trancecore / metal
desc. - perfect combination of fear factory and rob zombie. cd will be out march 23, for now, join the street team and get demos to pass out!

band - system of a down
genre - metal
desc. - AWESOME! in my opinion the best band around. incredibly unique sound while simply branching off of traditional metal. the best new band of 1998.

band - ultraspank
genre - metal
desc. - a metal band that isn't afraid to try new things. lots of effects in their songs, but they just add to the music.