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well the cd was not a let down. the hipe for this album was so great and to see that the album is amazing is so great. if you havent bought the album yet do so....NOW
it starts out with push it which i think was the best song to start the album. but right into an amazing song called i'm with stupid. with BLED FOR DAYS one of the coolest songs. this is seriusly one of the best albums since systems in 98 and godsmacks "all wound up..." in 97.

concert review

4-10-99. killer show, it was the first time static-x was here in massuchetts. the crowd did not who they where when the show stated but they new who they where when it was over. pepole asking me who they where. it started off a awsome night with spineshank - (hed) pe - and fear factory.
the only thing i wanted them to do that they did'nr was play WDT. the best song on the cd. anyways the band is really fucking cool. we sat with koichi for half of (hed)'s set. and before heds set i got wayne tony and koichi to sign a poster and my team static card. koichi said it wa the first time that he ever saw it. and wayne and tony said they never sign one before, so i fell lucky.

there set was really cool. here is the set list:

Bled for Days
I Am
I'm With Stupid
sweat of the bud
I'm With Stupid
Love Dump
Push It